Secrecy and surveillance: Report into the state of press freedom in Australia in 2014

🕔08:35, 8.May 2014

A year ago, the press freedom debate in Australia centred on protecting confidential sources. Up to seven MEAA members were facing court action brought, in the main, by the rich and powerful going on fishing expeditions to find out the

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Ukraine: New Law Violates Judicial Independence

🕔03:20, 2.May 2014

(Berlin) – A law passed by the Ukrainian parliament on April 8, 2014, violates guarantees of judicial independence and should be set aside. The law spells out circumstances that, outside of normal disciplinary proceedings, could cause a judge to be placed under

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The Real Threat to Venezuela’s Democracy

🕔03:05, 2.May 2014

Last week, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro took to the opinion pages of The New York Timesto counter the bad press his government has received for its crackdown on widespread protests over the past two months. He accused the international media of having “distorted

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Q&A: The Plight of the UK’s Migrant Domestic Workers

🕔03:01, 2.May 2014

Wealthy families who come to the UK may bring with them domestic workers who work for them in their home country – often women who raise their children, clean their homes and cook their meals. In a move to cut

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Witness: How Adult Court Changed Oliver

🕔02:57, 2.May 2014

Christina sat on the couch while her teenage son, Oliver, 18, played with his 1-year-old brother. Christina’s smile faded. Oliver used to really live his life, she said. He used to love being out with his family. Now, he’s afraid

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Tunisia: Landmark Action on Women’s Rights

🕔07:59, 1.May 2014

(Tunis) – Tunisia has officially lifted key reservations to the international women’s treaty, an important step toward realizing gender equality, Human Rights Watch said today. The Tunisian government should next ensure that all domestic laws conform to international standards and eliminate all

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