Cambodia: Where is my justice?

By Uhrra April 3, 2014 17:19

Massive protests have been held in Cambodia in the past months by garment workers, monks, victims of forced evictions and supporters of the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party among other groups. In response, Cambodian security forces have cracked down on protesters with the use of excessive violence.

Sign the petition calling on Prime Minister Hun Sen to investigate these human rights violations and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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  • Sign the petition calling on Prime Minister Hun Sen to investigate into the human rights violations that took place, bring those responsible to justice and ensure victims receive reparations
  • Share the video “Where Is My Justice?” on your website, Facebook, Twitter account and among your friends and families
  • Change your Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo to the “Where Is My Justice?” visuals in order to raise awareness on the campaign
  • Check out CCHR’s “Where Is my Justice” webpage where you can find all campaign materials including the “Where Is My Justice?” video, an advocacy tool kit, and background information.

The post-election violence, following the contested National Assembly elections of 28 July 2013, has already led to the death of six persons, the disappearance of at least one individual and to dozens of injured. However, while protesters have been arrested and are currently facing charges, an independent investigation into the excessive use of violence by Cambodian security forces has yet to take place.

The rights to justice, truth and remedies for victims of gross human rights violations are promoted and protected both under domestic and international law. According to international standards, states, including Cambodia, must investigate gross human rights violations and take action against those responsible, provide victims with effective access to justice and effective remedies as a necessary step to prevent a recurrence of violations.

The petition

Prime Minister Hun Sen: Uphold Victims’ Right to Truth, Justice and Remedies

We, the undersigned, are concerned with the failure of the Royal Government of Cambodia to hold the law enforcement forces accountable and to carry out an independent investigation into the arbitrary executions, excessive use of force and violations of people’s right to freedom of assembly that have taken place since the National Assembly elections.

  • Ensure a prompt, public, independent and comprehensive investigation of the disproportionate use of excessive force by Cambodian security forces to crack down on protesters;
  • End the cycle of impunity for the perpetrators by bringing them to justice; and
  • Uphold victims’ right to justice and remedies, including reparations.

The petition will be delivered on 24 April 2014, one month after the celebration of international “Right to Truth Day.”

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By Uhrra April 3, 2014 17:19

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