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Secrecy and surveillance: Report into the state of press freedom in Australia in 2014

🕔08:35, 8.May 2014

A year ago, the press freedom debate in Australia centred on protecting confidential sources. Up to seven MEAA members were facing court action brought, in the main, by the rich and powerful going on fishing expeditions to find out the

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Australian Prime minister's department cracks down on civil servant criticism

🕔03:38, 18.Apr 2014

In weeks where Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia has publicly praised the importance of freedom of speech in relation to the repeal of a section of the Racial Discrimination Act (18C) it might seem strange that civil servants caught criticising the

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Australia: Human Rights law at work in the international arena: A Cambodian Rights Talk

🕔12:33, 17.Apr 2014

In the latest of the Commission’s RightsTalk series held at our offices in Sydney, Australian lawyer, Tarik Abdulhak, has provided a reveting insight into his work and experiences in the mass crime trials of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime before

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Australia debates repeal of parts of racial discrimination act

🕔13:45, 14.Apr 2014

Australia is looking at repealing sections of the Racial Discrimination Act. Though the move has long been mooted by the government of prime minister Tony Abbott, recent moves to repeal parts of it – and specifically section 18C – has

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If Australia wants to stop the boats, it must stand against abuses in Sri Lanka

🕔11:44, 25.Mar 2014

To many Australians, Sri Lanka means one of two things: the home of “boat people” or an exotic beach holiday destination.Sri Lanka’s idyllic palm-fringed beaches with new tourist resorts give no inkling of the country’s grim recent history: a nearly three-decades-long, brutal

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Australian court order welcomed but points to flaws in journalist shield laws

🕔05:55, 19.Mar 2014

On 16 March 2014, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), the union and industry advocate for Australia’s journalists, welcomed the decision by Justice Janine Pritchard in the West Australian Supreme Court to order Gina Rinehart’s company Hancock Prospecting to

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Despite Australian government's claims, privacy rights not insignificant

🕔14:01, 3.Mar 2014

Australia’s intelligence agencies have been conducting mass surveillancefor more than half a century, routinely sharing the fruits of such labours with their Five Eyes allies in the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Australian spying facilities are staffed by the NSA and the

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Australia: shamefully inconsistent when it comes to human rights

🕔05:48, 25.Feb 2014

In a briefing released today, Humanity in Review, Amnesty International Australia reviews the biggest human rights events of 2013 and outlines what Australia must do to significantly improve on its human rights record this year. The briefing analyses the escalation in

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Australia: Refugee Stance Mars Rights Record

🕔04:37, 23.Feb 2014

(Jakarta) – Australia undermined its leadership role on human rights in the Asia-Pacific region by failing to uphold international refugee protections, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2014. Successive Australian governments have engaged in populist politics in 2013 at the

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Sydney rally for Egypt press freedom as Australian journalist Peter Greste stands trial

🕔04:34, 23.Feb 2014

Ahead of Australian journalist Peter Greste’s trial on Thursday 20th February in Cairo, Amnesty International will be holding a rally outside the Egyptian consulate in Sydney to protest the Egyptian authorities’ continued crackdown on press freedom. Last December, Peter Greste

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Australia: Set Benchmarks for China Rights Dialogue

🕔04:30, 23.Feb 2014

(Sydney) –The Australian government should use its 15th human rights dialogue with China to raise specific human rights cases and set clear benchmarks for improvements on rights, Human Rights Watch said today. The dialogue will take place in Beijing on February 21,

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