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Our Research

UHRRA maintains a highly educated research team from a large variety of disciplines that work together to record and study serious humanitarian issues and suggest effective, permanent and feasible solutions.

Research teams are located in a variety of countries and communicate with each other via frequent meetings and teleconferences. Their coordinated efforts result in an UHRRA Annual Report that can be found at ‘Annual Reports’. These results are published in international scientific journals or presented at conferences.

The research teams are constantly in contact with our network of observers. They examine and evaluate the observation forms and take them into account as data for their studies.

A very important objective of our research is to discover the roots of conflict in each case that we study. In order to do this, our expert teams study in detail the political situation in each country, being constantly on alert for detecting changes that might influence this situation. Subsequently, they examine the sociological situation and register any violation of human rights or cases of bad living standards for the population of the focus country. They then cross-reference their data with scientific literature or reports from other international organizations and come to clear and independent conclusions. These conclusions are ultimately used in order to suggest effective, permanent and feasible solutions for these issues.