Tindouf Camps: Sahrawi youth rebels against polisario leadership

By Uhrra May 21, 2014 11:29

Tindouf Camps: Sahrawi youth rebels against polisario leadership

Concerning the Situation in Tindouf

On the aftermath of the Adoption of the UN Security council 2152 concerning the extension of the mandate of MINURSO, some clashes between young sahrawis and the polisario security forces have been reported, on the 11th of May 2014, following the arrest of the named Lahcen Ould El Houssine Ghilani (Tribu Rguibat Jenha).  In this regard, a young, veiled, Sahrawi, member of the youth movement for change, explained the reasons behind those clashes through a video published by Al Arabiya Channel and some Spanish media, on the 14th of May 2014.

The author of this video, who has rejected the propaganda conveyed by the central of Tindouf about these incidents and on behalf of its opponents judged according to him as subversive, traitors, and agents paid by the enemy, stressed that the camp residents “Laayoune” have observed a sit-in in front of “al wilaya” of this camp to express their support for the young trader arrested, after having started the construction of a local trade, at “daira of Hagounia “, stating that the rally degenerated thereafter in clashes with the polisario security elements.

Expressing the solidarity of the youth movement for change with the arrested sahrawi and all victims of the separatist entity, which continues to get rich unlawfully, and brandish the card of humanitarian aid granted by the international community, to subjugate dissenting voices, this young Sahrawi denounces deprivation of Sahrawi refugees of their rights to education, employment, freedom of movement, and travel documents, calling on the international community to intervene on their behalf.

Western Sahrawi youth in Tindouf Camps rebels against Polisario leadership.

There is an unprecedented rebellion of Western Saharan youth population living in Tindouf camps in Algeria against Polisario leadership. This youth Movement of change as they call themselves “Movement Jeunes pour le Changement” (MJPC) accuse Polisario leadership of injustice, corruption, rape and taking advantage of the humanitarian assistance to the Sahrawi population living in the camps of Tindouf.

They are contesting the legitimacy of the Polisario leadership over the camp’s population.

The MJPC stands today against what they see as domination of Polisario leadership and its refusal to allow youth to express themselves freely. The MJPC rejects in a video sent to many media including Al Arabya, one of the Arabic major outlet, the authoritarian system of Polisario leadership and call for the departure of its leader Mohammed Abdelaziz to allow a renewal of leadership which did not change over 40 years.

MJPC denounce the illegal misuse by the current leadership of the humanitarian aid provided by the International community and the deprivation the population of their rights to education, to employment and freedom of movement and travel.

The MJPC movement is spreading among the population and gaining support as well from some members of the armed forces of the Polisario.

The MJPC claimed a decision to create a military branch to protect themselves against arbitrary because of the fear of imprisonment by the current leadership.

Polisario has encountered this movement with arrest and harassment.

The MJPC requests that they are listened to and be supported by the international community against the alarming situation prevailing now in the camps.  


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By Uhrra May 21, 2014 11:29

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